First In Person Meet!


After a little who’s who on the mailing list we decided to have an impromptu meet up this weekend to put faces with names and talk about the plans. The turn out was much better than I hoped for! We had 10 people turn out, 9 of whom you can barely make out in the blurry photo above. It’s worth noting that the simple fact that we got people together in the same room to talk about this after discussing it via e-mail puts us a step ahead of any previous LA hackerspace discussions I’ve been a part of. I personally was super excited by the turn out – the folks we’ve got on board for this are cool and smart and interesting and I know that is going to lead to great things.

We were also lucky enough to also have Bre from NYC Resistor in town (he took the above photo) so we hit him with questions and he was seriously stoked on our first steps. We talked about who we are and what we want this space to be, as well as specifically where. That decision was made and Culver City is the plan. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at places and throwing around suggestions. There will also be some more folks showing up on this blog to talk about things they are up to and things we’re working on. The next in person meet will be in two weeks so if you want to get in on the planning and help out check out the wiki and join the mailing list. More soon!

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