Joining/Changing Your Membership

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Regular Membership:

Once you have completed payment on PayPal, our membership chair will add you to the email lists and wiki. This is a volunteer-run organization, so new members may take a day or two to be processed, but you’re free to come use the space before you receive your setup emails.

Superuser (Keyed) Membership:

After three months as a regular member in good standing, you are eligible to apply to be a keyed member. Send an email to membership at crashspace dot org to let the membership chair know you’d like to apply, and they will email the members-only list for nominations or objections. The initial three months as a regular member are a way for us to get to know you. Be active on the email list, attend meetings, demonstrate responsible use of the space. Once you’ve been accepted, the membership chair will get you all of the information you need to upgrade.


If you would like to cancel your membership, simply sign in to PayPal, and cancel the recurring payment to Collaborative Research Association of Social Hacktivity. You may receive an email confirming your wish to cancel. At the end of your paid time, you will be removed from the database and members-only email list. If you would like to rejoin, you may do so at the User Portal.

Note that if the credit card you have on file with PayPal expires without being replaced, we will try to contact you to fix it. If we do not hear back, we will remove you from the system as though you had actively cancelled.