The Civic Engagement Survival Guide

The Civic Engagement Survival Guide is a series of free talks and workshops focused on creating a community that is informed, organized, and engaged.

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Who’s My Representative?
Alex Leonhart
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Intersectionality & Allyship
Patricia Realini
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Field Trip: Congressional
Conversation Series
Rep. Karen Bass
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Working Effectively with Social
Justice Movements: A Primer For
Hannah Howard

Attend a Future Meeting
Field Trip: Palms Neighborhood
Iman Culture Center

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Civic Hacking 101: Building
Trust within a Broken System
Vyki Englert
The Civic Technology Movement &
Potential for Democratic Reform
Andrew Schrock
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Urban Neighbors: The
Biodiversity of Urban LA
Samantha Sullivan

CRASH Space Meets
Organizing for Action
Tiffany Allegretti

Fullstack Life Development:
Changing Careers &
Changing Communities
Machiko Yasuda

A Queer Woman and Her
Conservative Father Talk
Politics: A Survival Guide
Evelyn Masso

ACLU PeoplePower:
Resistance Training
People Power

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Community Forum:
CCPD’s Role in
Immigration Enforcement
Culver City Police Department

ACLU PeoplePower
People Power

Sat, Apr 15th, 9:30A
Workshop & Strategy

From Nixon to Trump:
Perspectives on
Rep. Karen Bass

Town Hall
Senator Feinstein

Town Hall
Senator Harris

Phreaking Democracy!
Joan Donovan

CRASH Space is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which works to promote education through individual projects and social collaboration. CRASH Space is also a member of the EFF Electronic Frontier Alliance: a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States working to educate our neighbors about the importance of digital rights.

Leading an event in this series is a paid opportunity. We are interested in events which encourage community action and education, on topics such as: civic engagement, social justice, support for marginalized groups, environmental protection, and more. Please send proposals to [info at crashspace dot org]. To support our work, you can donate here.