Start Electronics



Websites about electronics abound! Here are some you’ll see me refer to frequently:

YouTube Channels

There are many very talented engineers posting video content about electronics online. Too many to list here. Carlyn has collected many videos into playlists. Of the playlists starting with simply “ItoE”, those have been about 60 to 80% watched by her as of January 2015.  Please let her know if you have a favorite that is missing! The Learning Circuit series from Element 14 also has a huge catalog of videos.

Online Vendors

Check out Local vendors as well on our Local Resources page.

Super Beginner Friendly

Motor Specialists


Big Guys

Huge Inventories, but can be tough for beginners:

Drawing Schematics

There is no one standard for recording schematics electronically. All of the following have strengths and weaknesses.


Ideally the forums you use should be as specific to your interests as possible, like for wearables, for moding a Honda Civic, DIYDrones for UAV’s, etc. That said, here are some general forums to have as reference: