Intellectual Property Event – Weds, June 27 | Pamela Banner Krupka of Krupka Law

This Event

Weds, June 27 (8-10 pm) – Pamela Banner Krupka of Krupka Law

  • Achieving the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest
  • R&D, innovation and patents
  • Software and business methods
  • Common IP mistakes of first time inventors

Location: CRASH Space 10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City CA 90232
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About the Presenter

Pamela Banner Krupka of Krupka LawPamela Banner Krupka 

With over 30 years of engineering and legal experience, Pam offers practical guidance to clients making decisions regarding their intellectual property. Her prior engineering work at Texas Instruments, Inc. gives her insight to real world factors affecting business decisions involving intellectual property. This real world experience, combined with her litigation, appellate and counseling background, enables her to provide cost effective, practical IP advice.

Pam managed the preparation and prosecution of global patent portfolios for Fortune 100 innovating companies, allowing her to provide guidance on what to protect and how to protect it, focusing on the broadest possible coverage in light of developing law. In her practice, she often acts as in-house intellectual property counsel, providing oversight, guidance and an independent perspective.

Pam also renders patent opinions, including infringement and validity studies, and serves as a witness when her opinion is relied on during litigation. She also provides clearance and right to use studies, and renders product design advice to avoid infringement. She has worked in most aspects of electronics, mechanical devices, software, bioinformatics and medical devices.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is (or is seriously considering becoming) an Independent Inventor and/or Entrepreneur within the Los Angeles area.

The DIY “makers”, the garage tinkerers’, and anyone who has wondered what it would take to turn the crazy idea(s) in their head into a new business. Formal definitions are suggested below for further clarification:

  • Weick & Marin (2006) defines an independent inventor as an individual who creates outside the context of a company, university or government institutions. Lettl, Rost, & Von Wartberg (2009) adds they are usually without connection to universities, who do not have access to incubators or science parks, who’s inventive activity is conducted separately from an established firm, and who does not have an obligation to invent.
  • An entrepreneur generally defined as an individual who recognizes and actively exploits opportunities on the market (Johannsson, 1988). A person naturally can be both an entrepreneur and an inventor at the same time (Smeilus, 2015).

About the Intellectual Property (IP) Event Series

CRASH Space is holding a series of events about current Intellectual Property (IP) topics, with a focused on application to indepedent inventors and entrepreneurs within the Los Angeles area.

Our goal is to engage and educate indepedent inventors and entrepreneurs by having leading industry experts speak about current & relevant topics within the Intellectual Property (IP) field. We plan to include time for Q&A at the end of each event.

Past Events

Presentations and recording from past events are available HERE.

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