Intellectual Property Event – Robert Krupka of Krupka Law | Weds, July 18 (8-10pm)

This Event

Weds, July 18 (8-10pm) Robert Krupka of Krupka Law will discuss:

  • Patent litigation, incl:
    • IP research and filing strategies
    • Considerations and legal resources
    • Licensing
    • Patent infringement
    • Patent trolls
    • Lessons learned from IP litigation
  • Public health and patents

Location: CRASH Space 10526 Venice Blvd., Culver City CA 90232
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About the Presenter

Robert Krupka of Krupka LawRobert G. Krupka of Krupka Law

Described as “One of the top trial lawyers in the country,” Bob tried over 75 cases to judgment, including 18 jury trials to verdict, during his 39 year career at Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Teams he led obtained verdicts totaling over $1 billion and recovered over $3 billion in settlements, including one of the largest patent settlements in history – $1.35 billion. He worked for top Fortune companies and highly innovative individuals on trials involving myriad technologically complex subject matters ranging from software to semiconductors, chemical processes to computers, and smart phones to pharmaceuticals.

Bob now acts as an advisor on complex business, intellectual property, and litigation issues. Bob’s trial and appellate experience yields creative solutions to unusual challenges, jury trials, and appeals.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is (or is seriously considering becoming) an Independent Inventor and/or Entrepreneur within the Los Angeles area.

The DIY “makers”, the garage tinkerers’, and anyone who has wondered what it would take to turn the crazy idea(s) in their head into a new business. Formal definitions are suggested below for further clarification:

  • Weick & Marin (2006) defines an independent inventor as an individual who creates outside the context of a company, university or government institutions. Lettl, Rost, & Von Wartberg (2009) adds they are usually without connection to universities, who do not have access to incubators or science parks, who’s inventive activity is conducted separately from an established firm, and who does not have an obligation to invent.
  • An entrepreneur generally defined as an individual who recognizes and actively exploits opportunities on the market (Johannsson, 1988). A person naturally can be both an entrepreneur and an inventor at the same time (Smeilus, 2015).

About the Intellectual Property (IP) Event Series

CRASH Space is holding a series of events about current Intellectual Property (IP) topics, with a focused on application to indepedent inventors and entrepreneurs within the Los Angeles area.

Our goal is to engage and educate indepedent inventors and entrepreneurs by having leading industry experts speak about current & relevant topics within the Intellectual Property (IP) field. We plan to include time for Q&A at the end of each event.

Past Events

Presentations and recording from past events are available HERE.

One thought on “Intellectual Property Event – Robert Krupka of Krupka Law | Weds, July 18 (8-10pm)

  • December 16, 2021 at 6:31 pm

    Yo. Just fyi this is the “real Lisa”… On Aug 17, one of my many panic attacks was due to the fact that I could not find my contact email for either lawyers from my IP events.. neither Robert Krupka or his wife. We had a ton of emails back and forth and none existed.. not did their contact.

    When I went directly to on my brave browser… I either got a 403 error or finally got a website for an estate planner named John Krupka….

    Which let me believe that the Krupkas were either were dead from covid or this John Krupka lawyer had balls for stealing such a scary and aggressive litigation lawyers URL and so I attempted to email John about it and none of my emails would send and my pop up error kept asking me to “try a different server or cancel”

    So I just canceled and panicked and then tried to send 8 million things just to send email leave and then for some reason I started copying Nash from eff on email because I wanted somebody competent enough to see an email header tell me what the f*** was going on….


    Yo turns out ” port out ” fraud is a real thing and it’s fucking gnarly. The perpetrator is even worse at pronouncing Carlyns name than I am and “her” voicemail was such a creepy gargled man’s voice that I wish you guys coulda heard it too.

    When I called EFF I got a buzzer and a hang up and then a “message saying I didn’t have enough money in my account to complete the call” which is not true or possible cuz my phone was free. Lol.


    Miss you guys.


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