Tuesday Sweep: 08 May 2018

Your weekly reminder to back up your data, update software and otherwise pay attention to your digital environment. (Oh, and to head to the CRASH Space meeting…)

So I don’t know about y’all but I found those great giant bullet pointed walls of texts I started posting last month actually kind of demotivating. They just put every tiny little thing in great detail on the surface. I’d like to get the checklist back into that magic 7±2 range. To that end I’ve been spending some quality time with Jekyll this week reorganizing. The lists have become tighter with “more” links for folks starting out or who need reminders. Hope this feels like an improvement!

Jump in Here

  • Welcome. If you haven’t been following along, it’s okay. You’re not behind, you’re just where you are.
  • Need a instant pick me up? Jump straight to our Easy Wins.
  • There are more recommendations under Start Here.
  • Feeling more ambitious? Just wait for the Learn section!


Weekly Basics

This Week’s Focus:

Zone 2 is “identity,” how to increase the chances they you’re you and they’re them. One key step, using a password manager, is included in the weekly basics above.

  • Enable Two Factor Authorization somewhere new, and/or ask for it from a vendor that doesn’t offer it. (more)
  • Log in to financial accounts to check the transaction history. (more)
  • Check for new breaches & scams. (more)
  • Any paper to shred? (more)
  • Continue to use unique, fake answers to “secret questions” for password resets. (more)


News and Updates

Where do you scan for news?


We are a community. You are a welcome part of it.


Thank you Emily, for introducing me to the LIVE kitten channel.


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