One Thing To Do Today: Collect phone numbers for future Tuesday Sweeps

Back on November 20th, Michelle kicked of the Civic Engagement Survival Guide with the Who’s My Representative Mini Hackathon. She not only identified Karen Bass as the representative for CRASH Space’s district, but tracked down her next community meeting and went.

I haven’t done that yet for where I live, but I’ve created a spreadsheet to start track of important numbers and websites. Because calling and showing up to meetings is what works.

Not sure what to say? Organizations like EFF and ACLU frequently provide scripts. There are more general organizations creating weekly call ideas with scripts as well.

What on earth does this have to do with InfoSec or Privacy or AppSec or OpSec or whatever it is we’re up to here? You’ll see as we continue with the threat model, some vulnerabilities cannot be mitigated by an individual alone.  Infrastructure  projects and legal frameworks will be required. Government officials at their best aggregate the will of their constituents to push for changes that individual voices can’t make happen. For them to do their best, they need to know what that will is. So set a timer and start figuring out who your representatives are.

Tuesday List

We’ve covered a lot of territory in the past 27 Posts.  I suspect a lot has fallen through the cracks. Review what’s been added to the Tuesday lists so far and keep making progress.





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