Thank You Shuttleworth Foundation

Shuttleworth Funded LogoI’m very honored to announce to have been the recipient of Shuttleworth FoundationFlash Grant” grant to continue working on the “One Thing” privacy and security series!

The money will allow me to keep going with better, more in depth articles… Hopefully with projects, maybe be able to turn them into a class, more organized online-resource.  Thinking about the possibilities has certainly brightened my December. The series will be back Tuesday Jan 3. refreshed and organized!

The ideals of the Shuttleworth Foundation, “openness, integrity, commitment, accountability, and respect for others,” line up so well with the founding principles of CRASH Space and what I’ve been trying to do with this series. I am deeply grateful for the encouragement. It has made a world of difference.


Shuttleworth Foundation from Blink Tower on Vimeo.


I make things that do stuff. The best, though, is teaching others to do the same. Founder of @crashspacela Alum of @ITP_NYU

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