CNC update

Thank you everyone, we successfully raised 150% of our funding goal! As previous mentioned, this means we’re getting the 4th-axis attachment and industrial spindle for the ShopBot Desktop. Since the campaign closed, we’ve been busy getting all the equipment and components.

The ShopBot Desktop and parts arrived this last week, and has been assembled at Crashspace:

In order to support the ShopBot Desktop, and hold the dust-collection system and odds and ends, we built a wooden frame and table-top:


We’re still working on the physical object perks, and getting those out to people, we appreciate your patience. All class coupons should have gone out, if you believe you should have received one and did not, please let us know via indiegogo, or on the crashspace discussion-list.

Class schedules will be up as soon as possible, we will update when those are available for reservation.

Thank you so much for your support and help.

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