June Processing Workshops

Join us June 16 and June 23 for two Processing workshops with Jim Bumgardner. All proceeds from these workshops are to support CRASHspace.

Processing 101, Saturday June 16th, 1-5pm

An introduction to the Processing language and development environment. Processing is an open-source language and development environment which is popular with designers, artists, and DIYers. It’s a great language for learning computer programming because of its simplicity and immediate visual rewards. You can use Processing to build a sketchbook of reusable code snippets for future projects.

This class will cover installation and introduce graphic programming techniques in Processing.

Students will learn

  • Basic vector drawing and color manipulation in Processing.
  • How to work with images.
  • How to effectively use randomness.
  • How to make an animated logo.
  • How to make an animated particle system.

Where: CRASHSpace
When: 1-5pm, Saturday June 16
Cost: $60 ($40 for members)
Instructor: Jim Bumgardner


Data+Art in Processing, Saturday June 23rd, 1-5pm

An introduction to using real-world data as an artistic medium in Processing. In this class, students will work with a variety of real-world data sources, and use this data to produce motion graphics, still images or music. The data used in the class includes

  • USGS earthquake records
  • An Astronomical database
  • English Literature
  • Twitter or other web services

Students will learn a variety of methods to map and render this data, including

  • How to control an animated image using multiple datapoints.
  • How to render maps and position items on a globe.
  • How to produce musical events from non-musical data.
  • Steganography – embed secret messages into images or music.

Where: CRASHSpace
When: 1-5pm, Saturday June 23
Cost: $60 ($40 for members)
Instructor: Jim Bumgardner

For both classes, students will need a Windows, Macintosh or Linux laptop.

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