Shop Sunday 3 (Beyond the Thunderdome) March 11th @ Crashspace

SHOP SUNDAY 3, MARCH 11th, Noon @ Crashspace

After a striking success at the last Shop Sunday (with all sorts of people learning how to use the drill press), I think it’s time for something a little more… powerful. So this week we’ll be making compressed air powered marshmallow cannons! ITS A PROJECT WEEK HOORAY!!!!.

I’ve got a kit all planned out, so if you’re interested in attending and making your very own air cannon, sign up with this form! We’ll start at noon and go until 3pm or everyone is done. You can either opt to have me buy your supplies (let me know by filling out the form before Friday 3/9/12), or show up with everything on the list (which can conveniently be obtained at your local hardware store).

sign up form

Recommended 15$ donation for non-members + cost of materials, Members just pay for materials (costs listed in the form).

Our little air cannons will have a 1.5 in dia barrel and a 2 in dia compression chamber, and they’ll be capable of up to 80 PSI (use at your own risk :D). Actuated by a water sprinkler solenoid and a couple 9v batteries. You can pump it up with a bike pump and propel small objects across the room.

And while we’re making them everyone will pick up skills on how to use the drill press, band saw, taps, how to use thread seal tape, PVC glue, soldering irons, and de-burring tools.

Be sure to sign up if you’re interested!



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