ANALOG LIVING: Fun with Abstract Origami and Tyvek!

Origami has become an increasingly meditative and metaphorical practice in my life. When I need to slow down, I take origami breaks and turn my mind off to tessellate patterns into paper, molding peaks and valleys from a single plane. Let’s get away from our carpal tunnel inducing daily lives for a moment to learn the art of abstract origami. I’ll be teaching you the beautifully simple zig zag accordion fold (pictured above) and providing Tyvek material for us to reuse. I find that Tyvek is soft to the touch and it takes to creases well. This workshop will be free to everyone, including materials (but donations are always welcome). For inspiration, I recommend watching the documentary Between the Folds.

Join me Saturday, March 24th at noon. Hope to see you there!


P.S. You should also check out the Folding Paper exhibit at JANM and check out Google’s origami logo today. Looks like everyone has a little origami fever this month. I hope you catch it, too!

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