Two Processing Classes

Join us October 26 and November 2 for two Processing classes with Jim Bumgardner. All proceeds from these classes go towards Crash Space’s legal fund!

Processing 101, Wednesday October 26th, 7:30pm

An introduction to the Processing language and development environment. Processing is an open-source language and development environment which is popular with designers, artists, and DIYers. It’s a great language for learning computer programming because of its simplicity and immediate visual rewards. You can use Processing to build a sketchbook of reusable code snippets for future projects.

This class will cover installation and introduce graphic programming techniques in Processing.

Students will learn

  • Basic vector drawing and color manipulation in Processing
  • Simple image processing techniques
  • How to effectively use randomness.
  • Make an animated logo
  • Make movie files with processing

Where: CRASHSpace
When: 7:30PM, Wednesday October 26
Cost: $60 ($40 for members)
Instructor: Jim Bumgardner


Processing for Musicians, Wednesday November 2nd, 7:30pm

An introduction on how to mix Processing with music. Although Processing was originally oriented around visual design, it can also be used by musicians to input, output, and synchronize to musical events.

This class will introduce a variety of ways to incorporate music into Processing. Students will learn

  • How to play music and sound effects.
  • How to hook Processing up to a MIDI keyboard or instrument.
  • How to control Processing with an iPad or iPhone
  • How to control animation with a keyboard
  • Methods for sound synthesis within Processing

Where: CRASHSpace
When: 7:30PM, Wednesday November 2
Cost: $60 ($40 for members)
Instructor: Jim Bumgardner

For both classes, students will need a Windows, Macintosh or Linux laptop. For the music class, it helps (but is not required) to have a working MIDI setup.

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