Whoah. One year.

One year ago I made this post asking if anyone wanted to join me in opening a hackerspace in Los Angeles. So it’s kind of the year anniversary of the idea of Crash Space. It was another week or so until we had our first meeting of interested folks which we’ll consider the actual anniversary of this group – that happened on October 25th. But still. A year since the idea was born. I’m so crazy proud of how far we’ve come since then and how many super awesome people have gotten involved. It’s pretty amazing. I hoped for something half this cool, and I can’t even imagine where the next year will take us. Thanks for playing along.

2 thoughts on “Whoah. One year.

  • October 14, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    One year ago… so much has happened. Where was it I picked up on your post? BoingBoing? hackerspaces.org? IDK but I am very glad I did. CrashSpace is awesome and has inspired me greatly to create Maui Makers LLC (yeah, official company name now. lease in the works!)



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