November Kit Build Night: microSD WAV player

This one’s a bit more hardcore than the usual kit build. Rather than using a commercially available kit from SparkFun or AdaFruit, we’re taking a DIY approach, using open source schematics, perf board, and good old fashioned wire.

The design is this open source project that uses an ATtiny and ChaN’s PetitFatFs code to read WAV files from a microSD card and play them using the tiny’s PWM.

The “kit” includes everything you need to get the design working: an ATtiny, a 4GB microSD card, microSD enclosure, headphone jack, resistor, capacitors, protoboard, and a AA battery pack with a power switch. Speakers and chip programmer are not included for you to take home, but will be available for you to use at the space.

Beginners are most certainly welcome, and should be prepared to learn:
– soldering basics
– perf board prototyping using point-to-point wiring
– programming an ATtiny using ISP and/or HVSP
– some basic theory behind digital-to-analog conversion and low pass filters

This kit night will be held on Thursday, November 11 at 8pm. As always, kit nights are open to the public, and everyone pays for a kit. We only have 15 kits available, so sign up now!

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