MEGA TAKE APART (October 9th)

As you may have noticed from the calendar, it’s that time again.

Electronics live a fast life. They’re useful, and exciting and shiny, and then they’re either broken or useless all too quickly. And you can’t just toss them in the garbage because they’re full of weird stuff.

But there is hope!

Through the use of 21st century super-science, old electronics, books, computers, and plastic bits can go on to live a useful life, being repaired, modified for new use, or harvested for valuable components, the remainder being safely disposed of via an accredited e-waste recycling service.

Donations help us by both giving us stock to use in awesome projects, and spare parts for other objects, and by allowing us to pick the best bits out for use and storage, and recycling the rest, which is good for our storage space, and the environment.

This Saturday from 12 – 4, I’ll be accepting and processing donations at the space. This also serves the secondary function of giving members a chance to come down and pick through the treasure, in case there’s something interesting they want for themselves, or would like to make sure I keep at the space for a future project.

time to desolder

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