Vinyl Cutter!

Steve helped me get started with Crash’s vinyl cutter, YES, Crashspace has one and it works really well! It’s the Silhouette SD model, very similar to the Cricut vinyl cutter.

Fiancée wanted to label some bags and bottles for her bachelorette party, ended up working great.

This Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl stuff worked really well! (Bought from Michael’s)
Cut some heat transfer paper

Roll paper on backing, load in Silhouette Cutter, shiny side down.
Send from Silhouette Studio over to the cutter. Make images reverse.
Watch the cutter cut the vinyl
Peel paper I don’t want
Heat transfer over to bag – Set heat press to ~300F. Hold down for ~25 seconds
Finished product
Also did this for vinyl transfer for water bottles

Don’t buy the cheap heat transfer stuff from Amazon, it peeled off after a day.

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