CRASH Space BBS opens pilot project

We are opening our Bulletin Board System for paid postings. These postings could be proposals from people working on commercial products looking for assistance from CRASH Space members, other requests for help for people with specific skills, job postings for full time employment opportunities, or attempts to control the minds of the readers through text alone.

The CRASH Space BBS is a physical, “real world” space for posting interesting things.

Dozens of awesome, knowledgeable, and skilled software and hardware experts will see these posts.

Awesome, knowledgeable, and skilled software and hardware experts

Unlike online “bulletin boards”, passerbys will have multiple chances to read a single message as it is in “physical space” and has a more lasting presence.

CRASH Space members currently have posting privileges for reasonable levels of use (i.e. whatever they can get away with, see informal rules). We are now rolling out a paid posting service on our board to further engage the community with our members and their skills and because money is nice. Details on our wiki, here.

You can also contact the current project manager at

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