Keychains, Meep, and the Proximity T-Shirt

Our first project is off and running! From what started as a little joke in the mailing list, Crashers have spun the thread into a topical, interesting, and FUN device for finding each other in a crowd. The discussion is far from over though. Currently, the wiki page is undergoing constant revision. The mailing list is buzzing with ideas on protocols (RFID, Xbee, Zigby, Garage Door Openers, electronic “meep, meep meeps”), platforms (keychain fob, t-shirts, conductive cloth, necklaces), and purpose (turn on lights, find others at conferences, real-world games, and just for the hell of it.)

From the tone of the discussion, and the thoughtful responses of those participating, it’s safe to say that we are on the road to success. Not only with this particular project (whatever it becomes), but with Crash Space itself.

It’s all very exciting.

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