How to get involved

As we get this off the ground the question “How do I get involved?” keeps coming up. Because we’re still in early stages a lot of this is being made up as we go so the very best thing to do is just jump in. The very first thing you should do is Join the mailing list. You are welcome to lurk but you’ll get bonus points if you introduce yourself. We talk about all our plans and meetings and next steps there so just hanging out on the mailing list for a little bit will get you started. Also feel free to check out the archives for the list (which are available to you once you join) so you can see what we’ve been talking about recently.

The next thing you can do is come out and meet us in person. We’re getting together at the very least every two weeks right now and the time and date of the next meeting will be announced on the mailing list as well as on our twitter stream. Our meetings are up to anyone who wants to be a part so don’t be shy!

Another great thing to do is check out our wiki. Take a look at the “interest areas” and see if there is anything you can add to those. Or maybe you have some extra crap laying around that is on things we need list and want to donate it – every little bit helps! Feel free to add or edit anything on the wiki, that’s the whole reason it’s there.

We are still in very early stages so this is a great time to get involved. You can help shape the space itself and the direction we’re moving. As things progress a bit we’ll finalize the membership and work all that out. By getting involved now you can help us decide what makes the most sense. It’s all very exciting right now, can’t wait to meet you!

UPDATE 12/30/09: We’ve come a long way in the last month and are now in the space and having regular events. Check out the “events” tab at the top of this page and see what is coming up next if you want to come out. See you then!

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