SATURDAY : CRAFTERNOON Crash Shirt Building Playing and Sparkling will continue

NOON : we’ll start to cleanup and setup.
2PM : we build build build


As makerfaire approaches we realize that we’re are all lacking in sufficiently nerdy duds to properly represent the CrashSpace with beyond awesome glory.

So, once again we embark on an adventure in TShirt alterations and altercations.

We’ll be collaborating on some designs for a new official-ish crash member tshirt that will be printed just in time for the faire.

but there is so very much more…


We’ll be building shirts on site and making madness of your existing designs.

BRING your old tired shirts to repurpose, remake, upcycle, and donate.

BRING your ideas and inspirations

BRING someone or something to share



we HAVE, courtesy of SparkFun Dings and Dents bin:


also PRESENT will be :



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