CRASH Updates

Thank You Shuttleworth Foundation

I’m very honored to announce to have been the recipient of Shuttleworth Foundation “Flash Grant” grant to continue working on the…


Recording a Variable Strobe Light

Steve and I made a really fun fountain controlled by a bike pump for Maker Faire 2017. It was a huge hit with attendees. Unfortunately, sharing it on social media was a…


Levitating Fountain

Steve Goldstein and Kevin Jordan confused a plethora of stunned Makerfaire makers with their levitating fountain. We used an oscillating pump to create a constant stream of equal droplets for…


Hacker-Supplies Field Trip

Thursday Hutch and I did the rounds at various local outlets for Physical Computing/Hardware Hacking resources.  LA is SPOILED, I tell you. Coming from NYC, the idea that you can…


Tuesday Sweep: 16 May 2017

Weekly Round Up Where do you scan for news? Ransomware provides a major motivation for keeping up with having a sweep. Having backed up data and systems repaired with the latest patches goes…