Mechancial FlipBooKit Show presented by Giant Robot

CrashSpace is proud of another great success story. Mark, Wendy and Steve developed a great product and kickstarter in the shop that brought their mechanical flipbook kits to the masses.

Robot is proud to present The FlipBooKit Show.

Venture into the world of amazing art – that moves! Giant Robot Artists and creators of FlipBooKit team up to bring their art to life.

Two Years ago I caught Mark Rosen cnc milling out aluminum armatures for holding cards while Wendy Marvel was busy with manually laying out and designing canvas cards for a mechanical flipbook.

After making a hit as fine art pieces, they brought them to masses by self manufacturing a kit form through kickstarter with Steve Goldstein.

Now they’ve shared this new form of mechanical media with the great artists from with Giant Robot Magazine and their once again in the fine art space.

The show will be up for two-weeks, so don’t miss it.

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