Found @ CRASH Space No. 1: Apple – Arduino Power Supply

I’m not sure how many of you remember the Take Apart Tuesday series, but with my crash-space-meta-duties lightened I want to get back to highlighting the interesting and weird flotsam and jetsam that washes up on our door step. This time I wanted to focus on neat things to do with the items instead of just the orgy of dismantlement with the carcasses hauled to APEX in the end.

This week: Making a 12.5V (ish) power supply to use with an Arduino from parts I found during the monthly clean up in the pile under the bench in the front room. None of these items are particularly weird, but I’ve just seen a lot of these forlorn white bricks lately. I want them to feel loved again.   It turns out to be a 12.8V supply according to the multimeter I used. That will actually make an Arduino run a little hot, but it’ll work.

Picture of charger, cable, and car charger with correct plug.

Car charger with 2.1mm plug, Firewire 400 cable, Apple 12.5V 0.64 Amp wall charger.

Finished Hybrid Power Adapter

New Arduino compatible power adapter from obsolete Firewire charger.

Parts Used


Other Options for these Items

Firewire cable bracelet attempt.

Attempt to use remainder of Firewire cable as bracelet. It was a tad too short.

I took more pictures of the process of making the adapter and put more notes on them.  I only had my terrible phone camera fully charged and ready to go this morning. Next time I’ll be ready.

Other Ideas?

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    […] The first one is about turning an old Apple iPod power supply into an Arduino compatible source of 12V. […]

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