LED Flipbookit: full color and brightness control with an Arduino

LED Flipbookit: full color and brightness control with an Arduino


This fun upgrade to the already amazing Flipbookit made for a simple project.

The full tutorial can be found on Instructables



With a few simple materials from crashspace

 – addressable RGB LED strip : I used a new variety of three conductor WS2811 strips.
– an Arduino : I used a Arduino Leonardo. Any 5vdc Arduino should be adequate.
– 4 AA batteries and a battery holder are a nice touch to make it more portable.
– prototyping board or prototyping Arduino Shield
– potentiometer for brightness control
– maybe some connectors for the power and motor could come in handie
– headers to secure hardware to Arduino
– misc wire for LED strip and potentiometer
– 3M Double Sided Foam Tape for sticking Arduino and LEDs in place
– Flipbookit MOTO-FLIP from flipbookit.net :  <– this thing is super easy to build

A little bit of care



And some Arduino code from our github




A LED Flipbookit is born 

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