The Coming Recyclapocalypse: Mega Take Apart March 9th

Hi folks,

Things have been piling up a bit at the space, thanks to a higher than normal set of generic donations (your printers and old useless computers) in between MTAs, and a missed Crash Clean last weekend.

So the coming MEGATAKEAPART is going to have to be a brutal one. I’ll also ask you to hold your donations of more generic items this month (we’ll accept them, but we’re in a winnowing mode atm, so if you donate later it’s more likely they’ll get used).

For those of you with inactive projects in the space, please be sure you’ve labeled your stuff clearly. Don’t assume I know it’s still alive and waiting for your next free time. If you can’t get into the space before Saturday, you can comment here or email me privately to ensure I don’t throw anything you love away without cause.

For non-members, a reminder that Mega Take Apart is a public event, you can come and help us sit in the front room screwdrivering things and watching MST3K, and we also have lots of shiny electronics that might need a new project to be a part of.

If you’ve got something unique moldering in the attic you’d like to see used, we accept donations of all tools, project materials, and electronics, just take it easy on the broken cell phones, old computers, and dead printers this month.

Unlabeled unknown materials, tools, and objects will get an unsympathetic eye this time folks. Get them handled, or tell me in advance what to knoll or pack for you.
Open to the Public, 12-4:30pm Saturday March 9th. Be there or be a regular polygon.

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