Environmental DNA and the Los Angeles Watershed

If we have learned nothing else from Ethan Hawke’s role in Gattaca, and we haven’t, it’s that every living thing is constantly shedding DNA. What if we could use that kind of technology to better understand the state of ecosystems? Come on and check out a talk on a joint CRASH Space – UC Santa Cruz project where citizen scientists have been collecting environmental samples across the Los Angeles watershed in order to monitor some of the ecosystems covering the second biggest city in the United States.

How do we get all of this data from dirt, and what can we do with it? Find out on Saturday October 7th!


2 – 3:30pm Saturday October 7th


(In person) CRASH Space: 10526 Venice Blvd Culver City CA 90232

(Online) https://meet.google.com/vir-pfjy-uzp

About the speaker

Ariel Levi Simons is a postdoctoral researcher working with UC Santa Cruz. His work involves tying together data from sources as varied as DNA fragments, cellphone photos, and satellite imagery in order to monitor ecosystems.

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