PCB & Soldering Workshop with Angelina Tsuboi

On September 10th from 1-3:30pm join us for a PCB and soldering workshop with Angelina Tsuboi (https://www.angelinatsuboi.net/). We’ll be assembling Meow Mixer boards (https://retia.io/products/meow-mixer-pcb) and learning the basics of circuitry design using KiCad.

$70 (plus fees) – get your own kit, plus learn the fundamentals of PCB layout, schematic design, and the manufacturing process.

Purchase your ticket at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pcb-soldering-workshop-with-angelina-tsuboi-tickets-705688632697

Join us for an exciting and comprehensive Soldering and PCB Design Workshop, where you will learn the foundations of electronics design and PCB development. Throughout this hands-on experience, you’ll gain a strong foundation in circuitry and PCB design using the powerful KiCad software. From mastering schematic design to creating intricate PCB artwork, you’ll learn the foundations of effective PCB layout and soldering techniques by assembling the custom “Meow Mixer” kit.

  • Introduction to Circuitry and PCB Design ⚡️: Gain a solid foundation in the essentials of circuitry and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design using the KiCad software. Learn how to translate your conceptual ideas into functional circuit diagrams, the backbone of any electronic device.
  • Schematic Design 🛠: Understand the language of schematics and learn to create comprehensive circuit diagrams that serve as blueprints for your electronic projects. Discover how components interact, ensuring your designs are efficient, reliable, and well-organized.
  • PCB Artistry and Design Aesthetics 🎨: Elevate your PCBs from mere functional elements to works of art. Delve into the realm of PCB aesthetics, and discover how to strike a balance between design and functionality. Explore creative design choices, layer management, and component placement strategies that transform your circuits into visually appealing masterpieces.
  • From Design to Manufacture ⚙️: Navigate the journey from design to physical manifestation. Explore the intricacies of translating your PCB designs into a format suitable for manufacturing. Learn how to create Gerber files, the industry-standard format for PCB fabrication, and explore the process of sending your designs to manufacturers for production.
  • Soldering Fundamentals with the Meow Mixer Kit 😸: Learn the foundations soldering with our hands-on Meow Mixer Kit. Learn the basics of soldering techniques, temperature control, and component handling as you assemble the kit.

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