Crypto Robots III: Machine Vision with Justin Corwin @ Crashspace!

On Saturday 5/19 at 4pm, we’ll be having the third event in the Crypto Robots series: Machine Vision.

Crypto Robots is a series exploring modern robotics with hands on demos, and talks covering history, theory and practice.

Our Guest Host is Justin Corwin

From his twitter bio (@outlawpoet): Solarpunk. I do AI Research, RF, and Embedded R&D. I run , write and do personal projects. Physical Networks at .

In this talk and hands on session, we’ll cover the following stuff:

History of Machine Vision

Theory behind using cameras and computers together

Machine Vision Tools

Hands on Portion:

Example Robotic use of OpenCV, implemented in Python ( will be posted on Github before the class), to classify an object, align it. etc, demonstrated in real time, with explination of the code at work. You can even try it yourself using a simple web cam.

Check out the resource page for the series

at There you can find links to the slides, eventbrite signups for future events, and links to streaming / previously recorded sessions. The slides have lots of notes, so be sure to check them out, or have them open on a laptop and follow along.

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