Tuesday Sweep: 12 March 2018

Your weekly reminder to back up your data, update software and otherwise pay attention to your digital environment. (Oh, and to go to the CRASH Space meeting…)

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So I read an article yesterday about how folks in a small town in Indiana had gotten mad, and then largely gotten over, the deportation of one of their local business leaders. It would be really easy to point the finger at these folks as uniquely callous, but I read it while having an interview with Paul Bloom on why humans are cruel open in another tab.   No one gets to point a finger, really. Large scale evil doesn’t happen because of psychopaths. There aren’t enough of them. Large scale evil happens because folks just try to get through their day minimizing discomfort.  That’s so… natural. In addition to technology choices, we make clothing choices, food choices, transportation choices, job choices, investment choices, entertainment choices largely reflexively because we all just have too much to think about to examine every decision everyday.  Building sweeps like this into your life means putting time in the calendar to be uncomfortable so when decision time comes you’ll already know where you stand.

These boundaries matter, and yet the interview with Bloom shows how hard it can be for people to stand outside of what appears to be a social consensus. Standing your ground can mean practicing saying “No” to people and groups who feel hard to say no to.

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The basics slightly revised and with a printable checklist.


Where do you scan for news?


Feeling dumb or stupid about how not-l33t you are? Angsting over some silly thing you “know better than to do.” Stop. That isn’t useful. Regret is only of use if it prompts an actual change in behavior. Maybe it’s NOT you that sucks. Could be it’s the technology and you could come up with a fix that would help lots of people. Look forward and make a plan.


We are a community. You are a welcome part of it.


If you aren’t already familiar, welcome to the hypnotic world of giphs by David Szakaly AKA davidpope.  Recommended reading – Brief History of Animated Gifs

Sprial that turns and has wave forms occasionally erupting from the surface.
By David Pope


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