SCALE 15x This Weekend in Pasadena

The Southern California Linux Expo returns for its crystal (time crystal?) anniversary this year. This will be year two in the Pasadena Convention Center, a 0.4 mi walk from the Gold Line.

Four days, a game night, HAM testing… it’s a huge value and covers many topics relevant to not just Linux in particular, but open source in general, including a legal issues track.

I’m particularly looking forward to Saturday’s keynote by Christine Corbett Moran.

The SCALE team  is very pleased to announce our second keynote speaker – Christine Corbett Moran – for Saturday, March 4, as she presents “Open Source Software as Activism“. Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech, Open Source and mobile app developer and NASA finalist are but a few of the achievements Dr. Corbett Moran brings to the party. Please join us on Saturday as she kicks off a full day of amazing sessions.

Hope to see you there!

NOTE: Post edited in 2024 to prevent link from going dead.


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