Tuesday Sweep: Jan 17 2016


What’s are the frictions keeping you from doing “what’s right”? Regret is only useful if it leads to a plan on how to improve.

Confessional:  This is a reverse confession. I did some things “right” by security standards that I’m not happy about.  Emblematic, looking at an exuberant thread of people posting images of their pets with their pets names all my panic bells went off. “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Why would they give up potentially sensitive information like that.”  What. A. Terrible. Reaction.  It’s not totally wrong, though. Starting with security questions, I came up with a list of at least a dozen ways I could use that data in under 15 minutes. I hope @evacide writes her harm reduction approach essay soon. And yet, even with the OneThing series, in my ideal world the average folks not thinking about security wouldn’t have to start.  I want developers to take responsibility for making it safe to play.  That inconsequential thread about puppies represented people trying to create connections during a fractious time. It was beautiful. We need more of that, not less.

In the mean time…

Continuing Set Up

We’ve covered so much so fast. You’re not behind, you’re just where you are. Pick something to do.

  • If you’re having trouble with all the set up, the coach tool at the Crash Override Network has a great step by step break down for many of the same introductory steps we did here.
  • Review the list of OneThing articles so far and pick one to catch up on.


This list will be getting longer, but lets keep it simple while folks are still setting up.


Where do you scan for news? I keep an eye out for recent exploits and breaches that have come to light, new tools, interesting idea’s, etc.


We are a community. You are a welcome part of it.


I make things that do stuff. The best, though, is teaching others to do the same. Founder of @crashspacela Alum of @ITP_NYU

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