This Is Crash Inspired : Control 2k LEDs on a Truck with Twitter

Learn about this project on May 29th at 8pm.

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This is @CrashSpaceLA Inspired by YOU

This zanny project because RedBull gave us some sweet hardware  to enter their contest (

We built a mobile interactive night club experience. We could deploy this thing anywhere. We can steal crowds that are otherwise waiting to get inside some other event with our brilliant glow and interactive control. We shot a little gorilla video and got people moving.

We borrowed a lot of inspiration, techniques, labor, and code from friends all over the world and at crashspace. We entitled the project Crash Inspired because…

This is Crashspace when inspired.


Another thing we do is collaborate, share, learn, fail, fail, fail, and win

In that spirit we are hosting a special event to share the designs and learnings from this project. 

And, YES. There were plenty of failures, late, nights, and bumps in the road we hope you can learn from as well as a lot of very cutting edge tech employed.


Burned up Teensy 3.0 sjanky


Come by CrashSpace on May 29th at 8pm  and meet the folks involved and pick up some new tricks for your next big LED project.


The code is already available on our github.


I hope to see you there! 

  …but you must RSVP here :


metal and carlyn

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