Pallet Hacking & DIY Gardening

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Saturday Dec 15 @ CrashSpace


Come make your own…

  • Space-saving-awesome-looking vertical garden or wall garden
  • Window sill flower or herb box
  • Moveable garden
  • Wine rack
  • Tool box
  • indoor freestanding flower / herb garden
  • table (coffee or dining)
  • Shelves or Storage nooks
  • Chair(s)
  • Bench
  • endless other neat stuffs!!!  ..check out all of the epic recycled pallet creations on google HERE


So exactally whats Happenin at this workshop?

We will hack pallets under the sunny sun sunshine, breaking apart and reconstructing wooden pallets into window sill herb and flower gardens, indoor planters, standing outdoor gardens, tool boxes, bottle racks, shelves, and much more! Pallets are my new favorite medium to hack, so many uses and people/companies throw them away all the time. I will show you how to re-use the old rusty nails, so BYO Tetanus Shot 😉

This class is BYOP = Bring your own pallet but if you dont have time to source one, I can do it for you, just sign up for that option, and if you want to own your own tools and not have to wait to share the commie tools, select the option to keep your tools. If you come with just a pallet of your own, I will provide a couple hammers, a box of nails, plastic bags, and staple gun for tear down and building- but if you wanna get pro with it— bring your own crow bar (flat form works better).

Half the fun is in the hunt. Go dumpster diving or look online for companies that give them away for free. I know some spots if you grovel and beg, I might tell you. If all else fails, home depot sells old pallets for 15 dollars, and sometimes will give them to you for free if you find an employee just finishing unloading one on the floor.

I tend to pick pallets with wood that is not too brittle and somewhat aged but not destroyed/cracked/etc. half way worn out is about perfect for my taste, some like newer, some like that falling apart look. Either one will work. If you do want something more rugged looking, get 2 if you can, incase your wood breaks durring deconscruction.

Note: Mind where you get your pallets from, what they were being used to ship or where they were being stored. Though most pallets are recycled, you can guage pretty well by the wear on the pallet, the type of business it is near, the markings on the pallet, and by talking to the business owner. Some contain some pretty nastie nasties and some are perfectly ok. If this is for an outdoor garden it matters less… becuase we line each bed with plastic and staple it in, so nothing leeches into the soil from the wood. 

Note 2: Depending on what you want to make, you may need more than 1 pallet. Tables require 2 or 3 sometimes, and most full gardens require 2. Other things like shelves and racks and such… you can make 2-4 items out of 1 pallet.


pallet pic group blockparty small

Indoor / Outdoor moveable planter:

photo (4)

Shelves or wine rack or tool box (if you add handles):


A great gift for people living in apartments:


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