MakerBot Monthly & MakerBot 101 This Sunday 2012-12-16

This Sunday, we have our monthly MakerBot activities:
Noon-3 PM – L.A. MakerBot Meeting

Have a MakerBot, Bukobot, RepRap, or other DIY 3D printer? Bring it and print up a storm, or get help if you’re having troubles with it.

Interested in 3D printing? Come and see the printers and learn more.

Open to everyone and free (though donations to CRASHspace are welcome).
5-8 PM – MakerBot 101

MakerBot 101 – Introduction To The MakerBot Cucpake CNC

The MakerBot is a 3D printer. It makes physical objects out of plastic. Which is really cool.

You want to become a MakerBot operator? This is where you need to start.

This hands-on workshop will cover the basic concepts of 3D printing and step-by-step instructions on how to print physical objects with CRASHBot. Each participant will have an opportunity to print something with the MakerBot and take it home.

10 seats available. $40 for non-members, $36 for members (10% discount), $30 for superuser members (25% discount). Check member list for discount codes.

Sign up here:

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