GIT it? Learn GIT. Got GIT? Good!




I’ll teach you Git. You can learn Git.
Git is a distributed revision control.

We’re having a class at 8p on Wednesday (2012-Dec-12).

Git can get a little crazy. It can make you go crazy. Having a deep understanding of the theory can keep you in a happy place and loving git.

Git was made by Linus because all other systems were not worth for managing the source code of the linux kernel. Watch this if you want to know a lot of the theory from the inventor himself:

Come to the class. Support CRASH Space !

Bring a laptop to play along. We’ll have a a couple extras or you can pair up.




We’ll cover:

  • Why Git is not like SVN
  • Git from the command line
  • Creating a repository
  • Adding, Removing and Committing files
  • Git History
  • Branches
  • Other git tools, (blame, diff)
  • Push, pull and fetch
  • GitHub… and maybe some common workflows
  • how much of a great ninja you are now



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