Radio Mondays: SpaceGAMBIT: October 15th 7pm

SpaceGAMBIT is the Global Alliance of Makers Building Interstellar Technologies. We have been awarded a 2 year $500,000 grant to create an international organization that will fund educational and research projects that promote humanity’s survival and expansion into space. … a Hackerspace Space Program.

The program kicks off this month and will have an RFP out for projects in November. Jerry Isdale, one of the original members of Crashspace and founder of Maui Makers, is the USA Program Director. He and Alex Cureton-Griffiths, UK Program Director, will be at Crashspace Monday Oct 15 to talk about the program.
Come learn, share and help create our future in space!

Starts at 7pm at Crash Space, open to everyone.

More information at

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