Need a book, take a book. Have a book, give a book.

Crashspace built a little free library this week. The idea came around from Adam Savage’s tweet about this boing boing article.


Going into this we didn’t really know what we were doing. We really couldn’t use the kit or the plans from the website as is. We designed this library to resemble our actual building. A door sensor and a connected @crashlibrary twitter account really started making this a crashspace special project. Now anyone can be notified about the library’s usage. After the twitter integration we figured a strip of LEDs was in order. It entice folks to pay a visit all night. We already got some midnight visitors:



If you are in or around LA, please come by.

@penguino and @zoelle got the ball rolling by building committing to help out early on. We threw an event on the crashspace calendar for when we’d get started. When that night finally came around we already had a fair bit of input from our mailing list and a sheet of plywood. Many crashspace members brought their tools and know-how. From there it was only a few days of hard work, some coordinator, and tons of help from everyone at crashspace.

Special thanks go to steve, rachel, michelle, pinguino, naim, david, marius, adam, kyle, sarah, mikeo, sparkles, and all the lovely folks who are reading and bringing books!


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