Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge #hackathon

Entry complete!

CRASHSpace is honored to team up with the world best hackerspaces in a cutthroat life or death trial of cupcake mailing prowess. The challenge is on!

Today we live in a better world due to the recent advancements in cupcake transport technology both locally and globally. We embrace our new new cupcake brethren and welcome the damn of this new age where cupcakes will roam freely throughout the world.

cupcakesIMG_1407.JPGIMG_1223.JPGIMG_1218.JPGIMG_1246.JPGIMG_1241.JPGfilling the foam box for shippingIMG_1415.JPGIMG_1416.JPG

[updated 2011-01-20] removed video to preserve the surprise.

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