1 Year of Crashspace

It’s now been a full 365 days of crashspace activities.

We met today for the first time, just a bunch of people, some whom had never even seen each other before.

In the past year we’ve done a lot, we have a great location, we’ve built a full library of tools and projects and a really valuable community of makers who can help you with just about any project you can imagine.

We’ve entered contests and given presentations at conferences. Coming into our first year of this, and we’re the oldest hackerspace in LA, people are asking us how to start their own hackerspaces, how to get started making, where to look for resources.

I think our second year is going to be even cooler, but it comes with increased attention and responsibility. We make it into newspaper stories now, people mention us offhandedly on hackaday and boingboing and MAKE in related stories. If we’re gonna live up to our growing reputation, we need to keep doing awesome projects, keep the organization running, and do public events and publish more stuff to the web for everybody to see.

In addition to no doubt great events all week, tonight is a special Anniversary Edition of Radio Mondays. Check it out starting at 8pm.

It doesn’t take that much to start something great, I’m very proud to have been a part of crashspace, and to have met all you great people. Here’s to another great year.

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