Intro to Bitcoin with Laura Lopez

bitcoin On July 18th, Laura Lopez is coming to CRASH Space to give an introductory-level class on Bitcoin!

Bitcoin technology adoption is rapidly expanding in the tech and finance sectors, but the average person still has many questions about how it works and why one would want to use it. Come join Laura and CRASH Space to learn how it works. You’ll leave with a basic understanding of bitcoin, as well as a small amount of ready-to-spend bitcoin of your own to help you get started!

This class will cover the following areas:

  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Why would you want to use it?
  • How can you trust the network?
  • Wallet creation and safeguarding
  • Sending and receiving bitcoin with your Android or iOS mobile device
  • A brief overview on the history of currency, and how it has changed over time
  • Discussion of the social implications of the cryptocurrency asset class

WHEN: July 18th, 2:00pm-3:30pm
WHO: Open to the Public!
WHAT TO BRING: An Android or iOS device, and questions about bitcoin!
QUESTIONS: Michelle Leonhart at michelle at tinwhiskers dot net

You can learn more at and on the Bitcoin Classes Facebook page!

Maker Faire Photo Roundup

Thanks for a great time, Maker Faire! Take a look at some of our photos! (And let us know if you have more to add to the list)

Barb’s Maker Faire Album / Kyle’s Maker Faire Photos / Theron’s Maker Faire Album

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Meet The New Shop Class Authors At Maker Faire

Joan Horvath and Rich “Whosawhatis” Cameron wrote a book about becoming a Maker called The New Shop Class.

Joan and Rich will be at the CRASH Space booth (Expo Hall 2758, South West corner in the Hackerspace area) at Maker Faire Bay Area at 11 AM on both Saturday and Sunday to say hi and talk about their book which features CRASH Space members Carlyn Maw, Tod Kurt, and Metalnat Hayes.


CRASH Space at Bay Area Maker Faire

Crashspace has officially landed at the Bay Area Maker Faire! We have a full and fun booth, including Steve’s “Jacob’s Splatter” (a combination Jacob’s ladder and levitating fountain), Nate’s zoetrope, Theron’s Bukito and 8-bit ukulele, both of Barb’s Hexachords, and of course Sparkles. If you’re going to Maker Faire this weekend, make sure to stop by our booth! We’re at the southwest end of the Expo Hall, right across from the doors, between the restrooms and Game of Drones.

IMG 3184

Also, check out some other presentations by Crashers: Rachel and Josh’s SparkleMasters in the Expo Hall right by the Make: Live stage, Tod’s blink(1) and BlinkM in the Maker Shed, and FlipBooKit, also in the Maker Shed, who will be doing assembly demos in the afternoons.

2014 CRASH Space Annual Report

Today, April 26th 2015, is the day of the CRASH Space Annual Meeting! CRASH Space members are welcome to join us for the meeting and elections at 5:00PM Pacific, and may find more information on the CRASH Members mailing list.

To all CRASH Space members, supporters and friends: please allow me to offer you our sincerest thanks for your participation in and support of our organization and community over this past year. As an organization, we believe that the empowerment of individuals has the power to change our world, and by supporting CRASH Space, you are taking part in a greater global movement to create and provide open, affordable educational resources to our local community and beyond.

Today I’d like to present to you our inaugural Annual Report for 2014, featuring an outline of what our organization has focused on in this past year, what we were able to accomplish, and our plans for the future.

Thank you,
Michelle Leonhart
Vice President and Board Member,

Download the 2014 Annual Report PDF here.