Crafternoon WrapUp : Fun Times and Shirt Were Made

This past Saturday we hosted our annual tshirt making crafternoon.

We got a good turnout throughout the day all the way from the cleanup at noon to the late night grilled cheese outing and further wearable hacking with midi controlled 1 watt leds and lasers well into the Sunday morning hours. Thanks, Club Mate!

Penny, our favorite addition from our first Swap-o-rama-rama, made an appearance and huge contribution by running the machine in the office. She inspired some crocheted lilypad fixturing from the donations by SparkFun and she developed a very nice technique for reverse appliques by doubling up the shirts.


On the high tech front we had James playing with led matrices as a wearable necklace piece. There was lots of experiments with inkofilm for transfering images with sunlight through transparencies and even a delaminated polaroid of sparkles


We designed a semi-official crashspace tshirt. you can pre-order one by posting to our mailing list crashspacela:


Silkscreening is always a big easy win. We had plenty of extra shirts for everyone on-hans due to a kind donation from instructables. We lasered some slick pirate designs and used a lot of our crash logos stencils.


Camo is making a comeback. Maybe it never left. Regardless, consider making your own custom camo for your next project.




A very special thanks to all who came out, helped each other, and brought great ideas to make it a fantastic day!

Circuits Social: New Bi-Monthly Meetup w/ Michael Biggs

Every other Thursday of the month, Michael Biggs is hosting our newest event: Circuits Social!

When: The 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 7:30pm-8:30pm (Check the calendar for the exact dates!)
Where: Crashspace
Who: Open to the public
How Much: FREE! Donations to Crashspace support our ability to offer these classes :)

The format of these events is very relaxed and social. There are no per-requisites to attending, and beginners are welcome. If you have a specific question you’d like to ask, a circuit you’d like to know more about, or a topic you’d like to have explained, this is a great place to come and discuss it.


This week, the the topic was transistors. Michael explained the difference between NPN and PNP, went over “garden variety” transistors you’ll encounter most often, and the whens/whys/and hows of using them in your own circuits. After that, we opened up the room to questions, and Michael explained some SparkFun schematics that some of the folks in the room are currently working with and needed some help with.


CRAFTERNOON : CrashShirt Makathon

SATURDAY : CRAFTERNOON Crash Shirt Building Playing and Sparkling will continue

NOON : we’ll start to cleanup and setup.
2PM : we build build build


As makerfaire approaches we realize that we’re are all lacking in sufficiently nerdy duds to properly represent the CrashSpace with beyond awesome glory.

So, once again we embark on an adventure in TShirt alterations and altercations.

We’ll be collaborating on some designs for a new official-ish crash member tshirt that will be printed just in time for the faire.

but there is so very much more…


We’ll be building shirts on site and making madness of your existing designs.

BRING your old tired shirts to repurpose, remake, upcycle, and donate.

BRING your ideas and inspirations

BRING someone or something to share



we HAVE, courtesy of SparkFun Dings and Dents bin:


also PRESENT will be :



Mechancial FlipBooKit Show presented by Giant Robot

CrashSpace is proud of another great success story. Mark, Wendy and Steve developed a great product and kickstarter in the shop that brought their mechanical flipbook kits to the masses.

Robot is proud to present The FlipBooKit Show.

Venture into the world of amazing art – that moves! Giant Robot Artists and creators of FlipBooKit team up to bring their art to life.

Two Years ago I caught Mark Rosen cnc milling out aluminum armatures for holding cards while Wendy Marvel was busy with manually laying out and designing canvas cards for a mechanical flipbook.

After making a hit as fine art pieces, they brought them to masses by self manufacturing a kit form through kickstarter with Steve Goldstein.

Now they’ve shared this new form of mechanical media with the great artists from with Giant Robot Magazine and their once again in the fine art space.

The show will be up for two-weeks, so don’t miss it.

My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic

Hear ye, hear ye! There’s a new monthly meetup brewin’ at Crashspace!

WHEN: Monthly starting May 8th, every first Thursday of the month. 8:00pm – 10:00pm
WHO: Open to the public!
HOW MUCH: FREE! (Donations dropped in the Crashspace donations jar are VERY appreciated!!)

Soon we will have a cool logo. Until then, please enjoy this amazing and strangely appropriate image by
Colin Adams and Lisa Wood

FLOSS: Free/Libre Open Source Software

If you love open source, come hang out with us! We’ll be working together to get started contributing to open source projects. Whether you have no idea how to get started, or already maintain a FLOSS project of your own, we’d love to have you by!

I’ve never been. Can I just drop in randomly?
YES! :D Find Michelle and she will introduce you to everyone.

Are there any pre-reqs?
NO! :D

Do I have to know anything about open source at all?
NO! :D

Do I have to stay the whole time, or arrive on time?
NO! :D But keep in mind that space at Crashspace is limited, and is first-come-first-serve.

Should I bring anything?
MAYBE! :D We have two desktops available. Bring a laptop if you can, use the desktops if you can’t

Are there any expectations for my behaviour?
YES! :D We follow the same Code of Conduct as Learn to Code with Us:

Please direct all other questions to