CRASH Updates

Thank You Shuttleworth Foundation

I’m very honored to announce to have been the recipient of Shuttleworth Foundation “Flash Grant” grant to continue working on the…


Jewelry Box

Crasher Kevin decided to make a jewelry box for his wife for a Valentine’s Day gift. Using the handy ShopBot Desktop at Crashspace it was as easy as can be.…


Hacker-Supplies Field Trip

Thursday Hutch and I did the rounds at various local outlets for Physical Computing/Hardware Hacking resources.  LA is SPOILED, I tell you. Coming from NYC, the idea that you can…


One Thing To Do Today: Watch Terms and Conditions May Apply

It’s been a long week. Maybe let’s just watch a movie. Try Terms and Conditions May Apply. Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Streams available  from or Amazon. Admit it:…