Barb Makes Things: New YouTube Channel!

CRASHer Barb (@yes_you_am | is starting a new maker-themed YouTube channel: Barb Makes Things!

Check out this amazing trailer she made:

Barb will be releasing a new video every Tuesday, so make sure to subscribe to her channel!

Feedbag: Where Art, Design, and Electronics Collide

Sunday, November 22nd from 2:00 – 4:00PM, CRASH Space will be hosting Feedbag, a local Los Angeles event focused on the intersection of art, design, and electronics.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.27.16 PM
image credit: Alan Rath

Feedbag is a casual meetup where people of all experience levels are welcome to come and hack, create, or just socialize about art, design, and electronics. To participate, come to CRASH Space with a project to work on and share, or just come to meet fellow makers and chat.

Evelyn Masso is an interaction designer based in LA. She designs experiences across scales, from wearables to web sites to immersive installations.

Pete Hawkes is Director of Interaction Design at Oblong Industries in LA. He works on the client solutions team, leading the design of immersive, spatial experiences.

Make a terrifying skull prop for Halloween

Join us at CRASH Space Saturday October 17th at 12:00pm for an amazing Halloween prop workshop.  Seats are limited, so get your tickets ASAP.

In this hands-on skull corpsing workshop, you’ll learn how to take an ordinary plastic prop skull, some liquid latex, and a bit of movie magic and turn it into a film-quality Halloween decoration!

Buy Your Tickets Here

About your instructor for the day:
Chris Ellerby is a Technology Director by day and Special Effects Artist by night. When not slinging code and developing technology solutions for companies like Disney, you can find him busily crafting creatures for his special effects company Vex FX.  Chris is also a proud member of the Stan Winston School for Character Arts team and loves sharing the world of special effects through education.

Volunteer with Us at STEAM Nation!

Once again, CRASH Space will be participating in the annual STEAM Nation event, which is an opportunity for children (1st-8th grade) to get a taste for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). We will have a booth where they can take apart old electronics, which has been a ton of fun in the past.

STEAM Nation 2014!

WHEN: 8am – 12pm, October 10th
WHERE: West Los Angeles College
QUESTIONS: Talk to Barb! (barb at paperstatic dot com)


We’re also looking for old electronics for us to tear apart!
Please let Barb know if you have/know of any old ewaste we can use. You can drop things off at CRASH Space whenever someone is there (please leave a note that it’s for Barb/the event to simplify things). If you have things to donate, but can’t make it, shoot Barb an email and she may be able to pick it up.

BYOBots v15.09

The first BYOBots Day happen this past weekend. We had about 20 people through the space over the course of the afternoon/evening. many bots were brought, shared, planned, and discussed. i learned a lot and i hope you will too.

stay tuned for the next installment featuring @risknc‘s carbon fiber plans.

byobot day

be3n posted this about byobot day



dark crystal skeksis eye requires an innovative design as to show the side of the eye without exposing the mechanics



@vexfx with his dark crystal skeksis wearable robot prototype on the power supply



the star of the show has many learns and we cannot wait to see it evolve.



Tiki theme by request! Musical interactive paper flowers just made and ready for DJ Bolivard with @novaliainfo Bluetooth board. Hacked part of an old fax machine ;). Connecting tomorrow, SO EXCITED. 🎉🎶🔋🎶🌼🎵🌸💃🎶 #music #midi #hack #producer #ableton #Bluetooth #interactive #papertech #tech #dj #tiki #tinytech

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be3n made a raspi time lapse movie maker that uploads and saves files to a thumbdrive


We talked about 3d printed robots a lot! this one, being printed by a guest, is particularly baddass and open source.    


@outlawpoet discusses snakes, snake robots, and why our joints and current robots suck. solution: build artificial muscle modules



phone controlled robot fights thanks to intel edison and a project i did for IDF 2015



intel edison robots are sweet. especial when they dance with wifi, ble, and xbees. tons of processing onboard makes for a simple command set.