CRASH Updates

Jewelry Box

Crasher Kevin decided to make a jewelry box for his wife for a Valentine’s Day gift. Using the handy ShopBot Desktop at Crashspace it was as easy as can be.…


One Thing To Do Today: VPNs beyond the hype.

TL;DR: A VPN is a narrow tool. Use them accordingly. Virtual Private Networks evolved to connect remote workers into their organization’s network in a way that can’t be easily snooped. If that’s…


Hacker-Supplies Field Trip

Thursday Hutch and I did the rounds at various local outlets for Physical Computing/Hardware Hacking resources.  LA is SPOILED, I tell you. Coming from NYC, the idea that you can…


One Thing To Do Today: Watch Terms and Conditions May Apply

It’s been a long week. Maybe let’s just watch a movie. Try Terms and Conditions May Apply. Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Streams available  from or Amazon. Admit it:…