Found @ CRASH Space No 6. – USB LED Light goes Dieselpunk

Finished Light

The finished light plugged into a USB hub

So there was a delay this week in the F@CS series. Why? Because I met my match in a part that is taking more research than I originally intended. It has the location of a factory printed on it so I’m doing a bit more humanities-style research on it.  Please stay tuned.

The change-of-course-project is a mod of an  USB LED light.  I stumbled onto an inspiring Instructable by Winged Fist called Dieselpunk USB Lamp that has links to other Dieselpunk and Steampunk style mods for modern technology.   My version uses more lamp-parts and 10mm LED, but the spirit is the same.

More pictures are up in a flickr set, including the original USB LED find from our donations pile.

If you decide to make your own, please note two important  missing pieces from the Instructable: any mention of a current limiting resistor or a link to how to solder wires together. It is tiny, but you can see a resistor soldered to the lead wire of the LED in the Instructable. I would have liked him to call that out as important. I know the original current limiting resistor in my hacked object came out in the dismantle.

To make a lot of these without designing a PCB or soldering wires together, go to Mouser and order something like the Visual Communications Company’s CNX LED Socket with the integrated resistor option. They’ll be more stable than a wire to wire connection and the LED can be swapped in the future. Some items in the line have lens accessories.  Also, they are less than a dollar if you are getting the part without lead wires.

Tools Used

Supplies Used



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  1. August 28th, 2013

    @ 6:36 pm

    Daniel posted:

    Hi, where can I buy this USB lamp ? I have very expensive in my local shop and doesn’t want to load.


  2. August 29th, 2013

    @ 3:51 am

    carlyn posted: doesn’t stock the USB light, it stocks the lamp parts I used to make the shade. Just search for “lamp parts,” but I’ll check the link. I found the actual USB light it in our scrap pile. Many are available in dollar stores, but I’d actually check ebay first. I found a few with just the search “USB LED” that had the same metal conduit sheath.

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