Pd Pi – Pure Data On Raspberry Pi Class With Miller Puckette Sunday 10/7

Going to the Raspberry Pi Hackerspace Tour and looking for something else to do with your Raspberry Pi?

Then CRASH Space in cooperation with our friends at New Blankets have a class for you!

On Sunday, October 7th from 3-7 PM, Miller Puckette, creator of Pure Data (Pd), will be showing how to use Pd on the Raspberry Pi.  Pd is an open source graphical audio/video programming language used by musicians and artists all around the world, and now it can be used on the $25 Raspberry Pi!

The class will be from 3-7 PM on Sunday October 7th.  Cost is $80 (discounts for CRASH Space members, see member list for discount codes).  30 seats available.  Sign up here

This event will be held at the Culver City Veterans Memorial Building, located at 4117 Overland Avenue, in the Uruapan Room.  The location is just a few blocks away from CRASH Space.  There will be a reception with snacks at CRASH Space following the event.

We will cover Pd basics, installing and using Pd on the Raspberry Pi, and show some examples of what can be done.  Each student will receive an 8 GB SD card containing Raspberian wheezy Linux with Pd already installed. No experience is necessary.

Bring a computer (laptop or netbook) to communicate with the Pi, and headphones or computer speakers.  We will have some speakers and a monitor set up for people to share and try out their Pi.

For those who do not have a Raspberry Pi yet, there will be kits available with a Raspberry Pi, power supply, and an Ethernet crossover cable (for connecting to a computer).

There are a limited number of scholarship seats available to teachers and students – contact theron.trowbridge@gmail.com for more information.

Sign up at http://crashspacepdpi.eventbrite.com/


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