CrashSpace Library and Swap-O-Rama-Rama WriteUp


The event was a educational, philanthropic, and loads of fun. We had nearly a hundred visitors throughout the eight hour day.

swap together


We started with a clean and well organized CrashSpace thanks to a lot of help the day prior.



We setup the front of the building to collect donations of books and clothing.



We setup some shade and some of the more messy crafting stations out front as well.



We taught folks about ETextiles. They learned about electricity and the polarity of batteries and LEDs. They learned of conductivity and resistance of our materials. They learned how to use a multimeter and about testing circuits as they sew.



We had a lovely batch of volunteers whom each helped with the various crafting activities :

Many thanks to Kyle Cothern, Penny, and the CrashCamm for taking and making available the photos!



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