CRAFTernoon: Crash Your Gear

CRASHirtCRAFTernoon on May 12, 2012

On Saturday May 12th (2p-6p), the weekend before MakerFaire, you can come to CrashSpace to get custom CrashSpace gear. We’re talking hats, bags, shirts, pants, socks, and pretty much anything you are willing to bring to customize.

Did you catch that?

Bring something to share, customize, and DIY.

We hosted a CRASHirt CRAFTnoon in the past and it was CRASHirt CRAFTernoon CRAZYness !

We’ll provide:


CRAFTERNOON?!? What is it anyhow? Cecily said it best on the crash list

“It can be a nice time to hang out, make crafty stuff, and discuss
making more crafty stuff. Don’t be afraid of the “softer” side of
making. Craft projects usually don’t bite, they just poke, tangle,
glue your fingers together, cover you in glitter…”

craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash craft crash

Chaperoned kids are welcome.  The cost is free.

CRASHSpace is entirely membership/donation funded and relies on your support to keep the doors open. Donations are welcomed, helpful, and necessary. thx!




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