Crashtography Group First Meeting!

Howdy Folks.

Alot of us here at crashspace do things. From building robots to brewing Kombuchas we’ve got it covered. And the one thing that we all do to get out the word is taking pictures (and sending them to the intertubes). Everyone’s handled a camera (now that smartphones are ubiquitous) but did you know there’s basic techniques that can make your photos 100% better overnight ?(with no pre-soaking required)

So bring your camera and head on over to crash on Wednesday may 2nd at 8pm. We’re going to meetup to go over everyone’s skill level and see what people would like to do with photography. I’ll be teaching a basics class for all skill levels in the coming month, and we’ll preview that at the meeting.

Other topics include
– Tilt Shift Lenses and perhaps making your own
– Intervalometer photography
– rail/carriage systems for panning shots.
– Photo Editing software
– ect.

So if any of that sounds interesting, stop by the space on wednesday!

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